22 ways to carry out house refurbishment in London

Rather than moving house, many people look to add value and space to their home instead by carrying out house refurbishment. In London with property prices soaring many homeowners are now looking to add more value and extra space to their homes. This guide gives you advice and ideas about adding value to your own home.

There are many different options to choose from that not only add value to your home but also add extra space. Whether you are looking to invest in your current home by adding an extension, loft conversion, basement conversion or by changing the layout of your home, our guide will give you the advice and ideas you need to help you add space to your home, change the way you live in your home and make your home more sought after.

Which home improvements will add value to my home?

All of the ideas mentioned in this guide have the potential to add value to your home but before making any decisions you need to also take into account the current size of your home, the state of repair and the location. For example, adding a rear extension to your home will not add much value if your electrics need changing or your roof is leaking. In addition to this, carrying out house refurbishment in London may allow you to create a home that is larger than the other houses on your street, but you may find what you have spent on your house is more than its profit potential.

Before you make any decisions, it is worth taking into account your budget and if you will get back the money you have invested into your home if you sell.

Creating an open plan living space and kitchen

Knocking through an existing kitchen, living and dining room to create an open plan kitchen diner is a great way to add value to your home. This home renovation project is well suited to modern lifestyles that treat the kitchen as the hub of the home and view the kitchen as the room where family and friends gather for home cooked meals and good conversation.

When thinking about creating a kitchen diner you need to think about how you will access the new kitchen. If you can, it is better to access the kitchen directly from a hallway, so you don’t have to walk through other rooms to get to it. Also, consider putting the kitchen in the darkest part of the room and place living or dining areas closest to the windows so you can enjoy the views whilst you sit and relax.

Some people do not want completely open plan living so you could also add sliding doors between rooms to give you the option of opening up the space if needed and closing the space when required.

Install new windows in your property

By updating your current windows, you can add more value to your property. If you have single glazed windows or very old double glazed windows, it is worthwhile considering adding new double glazing, or even triple glazing if outside noise is an issue.  Updating your windows will improve the warmth and energy rating of your home, as well as enhance the external appearance.

Adding more light to your home will also make it appear bigger and brighter. You can either add rooflights to your home or add a window where the best light source is available.

Adding a Utility Room

Finding space to add a utility room in your home is a practical addition that can add value to you home.  A utility room keeps the noise of white goods out of the living space and allows you to hide away laundry and laundry equipment such as an iron and ironing board.

A utility room can be added to your home by building a stud wall in an area of your home where there is space. Most people will add a utility room in the kitchen but some have also added this room under the stairs or in a lean-to of a house. Wherever you decide to place a utility room you need to ensure it has adequate ventilation.

Central Heating upgrade

If your central heating is not very efficient it is a good idea to consider installing efficient central heating to reduce energy bills. If you are going to invest in a new boiler, consider a combi option in houses of up to four bedrooms. A pressurised system is normally best in larger properties or in properties with low incoming water pressure.

Knocking through a bedroom and a box room

By knocking through a bedroom and a box room you can create a master suite with bathing and dressing areas. Master suites are highly desirable and are the ideal solution for repurposing an awkward set of rooms.

Many period properties have a bedroom next to a master bedroom that you can knock through to making this transformation easy. If your property does not have this layout, but does have a large landing you may be able to erect a partition and doorway to make a small lobby leading to both rooms.

Erecting a partition wall to create two rooms

A different way to transform your home is to create additional rooms by erecting partition walls. If you have rooms in your home that are fairly large and have a lot of wasted space, you can build a partition wall to create two rooms from the one room. This is ideal if you need an extra bedroom, a study, or as we mentioned before if you need to find space to create a utility room.

Add an en suite bathroom

An en suite bathroom is a desirable addition to a home. When considering adding an en suite to your home you need to include a toilet and will therefore need to consider drainage. Also, think carefully about how much of the bedroom you will be taking up for the en suite. You don’t want to create a small master bedroom as this may be cause a problem when trying to resell.

Create a Loft Conversion

Another way to add an extra space to your home is to add a loft conversion.  By converting your loft, you can make space for an extra bedroom, a study, a playroom or even a cinema room.

A dormer extension will give extra headroom in the conversion but will cost more than a simple room-in-roof conversion. A room-in-roof conversion uses just rooflights and no dormer and is one of the most cost efficient ways to add value to your home. However, head room in this type of loft conversion may be an issue.

Convert your Garage

By converting your garage, you can create extra space on the ground floor which is more cost effective than a ground floor extension. Before carrying out any work, think carefully about what extra space you need on your ground floor. Do you need to extend your kitchen or do you need a playroom where all your children’s toys can be kept or maybe you need a games room for growing teenagers? Whatever you convert your garage into you need a good design that should blend seamlessly with your existing property. 

If possible, adding windows to the garage conversion is a great way of bringing in natural light to the space.

Creating a driveway

If parking is difficult in your area you can convert the front of your property to a driveway.  A driveway can improve the curb appeal of your home and is more low maintenance than having a front garden. A driveway can also eliminate the problems that can occur when parking is difficult in your area. For example, you will not need to park down the street when carrying heavy shopping bags into your home anymore, and if you are arriving home late at night you can park just outside your home.

Build a balcony or roof terrace

Any outside space will add value to your home. You can make use of a flat roof to gain valuable space or you can install decking and lighting to your property.  By creating a balcony or roof terrace you can make rooms feel more spacious and open and create a useful outdoor space for a home. When thinking about building a balcony or roof terrace try and keep it in line with the design of your home.

Update the front of your home

By updating your home’s exterior you can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Your home will look more attractive if the brickwork doesn’t look dirty, if the front path doesn’t look tired and if the front doesn’t need painting. A popular choice recently is rendering the outside of your home to add a modern feel to your property but this trend is not for everyone, so even cleaning the brickwork will make a big difference to your home.

Replace your roof

If your roof needs replacing it is worth changing this as roofs last a long time and a new one will add value to your home. You also need to ensure there is adequate insulation as this will improve the energy rating and reduce heating costs.

Create a downstairs toilet

Downstairs toilets are very convenient and will add value to your home. Before considering adding a downstairs toilet you need to consider the drainage and ensure the toilet is in a convenient place. The ideal place is leading off the hallway and with an outward opening door. You also need to make sure that adequate space has been left for a hand basin.

Repurpose a spare bedroom

If you have a spare bedroom, giving it a definite purpose and creating a useful space can add value to your property. Ideas for a spare room include a home office, games room, gym and home cinema room. When you have decided on the purpose of the room you need to plan it carefully. For example, a home office will need sufficient sockets and a phone line, whereas a home gym will need good ventilation and sockets for equipment and perhaps a sound system.

Invest in good storage

By incorporating better storage into your home you can make it feel less cluttered and therefore larger. For example, you can consider floor-to-ceiling storage in a living room to create a display space or to create clutter free surroundings. Ideal storage for a hallway is a place where coats and shoes can be put away neatly. Toy storage is also a good idea to keep living rooms, play rooms or bedrooms tidy.

Raise ceiling heights

If you have a ground floor room with a pitched roof, you can remove the ceiling to roof height to instantly make the room feel bigger.  Adding roof windows or a large wall of glazed doors will also create a brighter, bigger space.

Install a conservatory

Increasing living space by installing a conservatory will add value to your home.  A fully glazed conservatory will merge indoors with the outdoors. Before installing a conservatory think about how you want to use the space and if a traditional or modern look will complement your home more.  You will also need to think about what glass you will want as you can choose a host of double glazing options such as self-cleaning glass and solar control glass.

Pay attention to the smaller details

If you are looking to sell your house and increase its value to a potential buyer, you need to start thinking like a prospective buyer. Fixing the smaller issues in your home might make a difference when you are trying to sell it and make your home more appealing to others. Many issues such as chipped paintwork, loose handles, a toilet that doesn’t flush properly and doors that stick are often issues we have become used to and ignore, but to someone viewing our house for the first time, these are issues that they will notice. Take time to fix these little issues as it might make your house more appealing to potential buyers.

Add a garden room

Garden rooms are an affordable and effective way to create extra space in your home. A garden room can be used for various purposes such as a teenage den, a home office, studio, workshop or game room.

You also have a choice of structural options to choose from. They can be simple wooden summerhouses or mini eco-homes, complete with insulated walls, plumbing, electrics and energy-efficient windows. They are also available in different sizes and styles to suit your home.

Building a patio

If your garden patio needs updating, building a new one would add value to your home. There are many different designs to choose from that will transform your garden and make it more attractive. A patio can extend your living area, making it a great space to entertain friends and family. Patios are also low maintenance.

Upgrade your front door

As mentioned before first impressions of your home make a difference and if you have a front door that is in poor condition, this may affect how a potential buyer will view your home.  By simply painting your front door and adding a new door knob or letterbox your home will look more attractive from the outside. You can also change the front door completely if needed, improving the appearance of your home as well as increasing your home’s security.

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